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In today business contacts, business competition is at an all time high. The cost of running a traditional business has almost been doubled. But, thankful to the growth of popularity in Internet is now presenting companies with new and unique ways to reduce overheads, whilst at the same time giving instant access to enormous new markets.

We understand that most businesses need to deal with stock management.In the conventional day, people depend very much on recording transactions and stock movements in papers. Over the years, this method has been simplified and replace by the evolution of computer systems and inventory control system.

Being a business owner, have you ever thought of upgrading your way of doing business?

Along the years, have you ever encounter the below barrier?

  • Problem keeping track of your stock
  • Missing of Inventory
  • Document missing
  • Run out of stock because of forget to replenish

And now, let Actron Technology who is provide an integrated line of business management solution where our system supply chain management has cover from Forecast, Ordering system, Stock delivery to Payment.

Want to save cost on software maintenance?

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More than 80% of an organization’s information is held in unstructured form such as hard copy document, text files, electronics files (word, excel, powerpoint, jpeg, pdf, autocad), graphics & emails. The information is important to business communication and decision making. If these information does not managed properly, it is like putting a business at a risk, which can result in serious financial penalties or create bad image to the organization. A well organized information can lead the organization to an opportunity and stay competitive advantage.

DMS allows you to set up an “electronic filing cabinet” the same as you currently store your paper files. Authorized user can scan, import, index, archive, retrieve, view, print, send and manage business-critical information from the office or from anywhere in world via the web browser.

With DMS, no more misplaced of document, no more running around for multiple locations to find a documents and can response in a shorter period of time. It is not only managed your physical document, but your electronic documents such as word, excel, powerpoint, pdf, autocad and etc.

DMS supports document life cycle management. You can effectively manage documents throughout their life cycle from authoring through review, approval, distribution, archive and disposition. DMS supports ad-hoc and processed routing of documents including rule based conditional routing.

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In today business context, every organization must have website or email facilities to communicate with either their suppliers or customers. And looking one of the trusted service providers might be a challenge.

We are striving to provide the best service and quality product to our client to ensure that they have peaceful of mind in managing their business without worrying of the service interruptions.

Contact us today and let us work together with you for the plan that suit to your organization.