You manage your Business and
let us manage the Technology


Established in the year of 1993, Actron Technology has now evolved into one of the leading information technology service providers in Malaysia. We combine deep business expertise, powerful research capabilities, and apply our business insights together with our technology alliances to develop fresh, innovative solutions that provide real and measurable business outcomes.

Being one of the pioneers OEM Assembler for personal computer and server systems under the registered trademark "TASS Computer System", Actron has broaden its scope of services with the focus on software development and supply chain management to its broad scope of clients from private individuals to various multinationals.

It has always been our strategic focus to understand our clients' business and individual's needs and to deliver practical solutions and competitive advantage as to optimize our clients' business performance.

Please feel free to contact us and it will be our pleasure to meet up, without obligations, with your goodself to articulate on how we can work together in taking your business to the next level and growing your revenue.